Offshore Asset Protection Trusts: 5 reasons to protect your company assets

Find out why you should play early with a good asset protection strategy through offshore trusts.

The assets of a company are the set of assets that allows the entrepreneur to carry on the activity. These assets may be materials (establishments, means, machinery) or intangible, ie non-physical. They are part of the latter group:

  • the company’s revenues
  • the knowledge base (know-how)
  • the image of the company (company brand)

Capital protection is therefore necessary to ensure continuity in the present and prosperity in the future, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. But what are the pitfalls from which the entrepreneur must look to protect his assets?

5 good reasons to rely on an asset protection expert.

  1. Unfavorable business choices 
    Being an entrepreneur means having to make choices: some apt, others less. Whatever personal or financial situation affects you, if you have protected your assets with assets or insurance policies , you will have the certainty of knowing them protected. 
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  2. Creditors 
    Have you ever thought about how to protect corporate assets in the event of bankruptcy? Trusts , destination deeds and fiduciary stores can bind assets and their assets, protecting them from the actions of creditors. 
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  3. Family succession 
    From an estimate of the European Union, 30% of family businesses do not exceed the next generational change. To avoid the risk of bankruptcy, it stipulates a Family Pact ; a plan of preventive succession “that dictates rules on how to manage the passage and ensures the balance of the company in the future. 
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  4. Violation of professional secrecy 
    Your competitors would make false cards to know your production secrets: even contact your former employees to get information on patents and more. If you enter into a confidentiality agreement , eliminate this harmful phenomenon. 
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  5. Theft of the company image 
    Is your company brand registered? If it is not, anyone can take possession of it and use it for competitive purposes with serious damage to your image and reputation. To prevent it and act legally in the event of a copy, register your company logo with the Patent Office.

The solution? Rely on an asset protection expert.

These are common situations that can happen to all businesses, at any stage of their lives. Every situation must be evaluated in itself because the solutions to be adopted change according to the type of company, its financial situation and to many other aspects to be evaluated. The evolved consultant is one who, among other things, specializes in asset protection and can help you choose the best tools for you. Do not hesitate any further: ask us at Offshoreciitzen to evaluate your situation.

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